Program Overview Just about everyone has felt the pinch at the gas pump over the last few months, and electric vehicles are proving to be a wiser investment option for small business owners. Electric vehicles (EVs) contribute to cleaner air, reduced transportation costs, and lower operating costs compared to diesel and petrol equivalents. Electric vehicles, […]

Program Overview While there are plenty of good reasons to focus on energy efficiency, pursuing renewable energy as a small business has its benefits as well. As more companies make clean energy commitments, renewable energy options have become valuable resources and investments in Arizona. Small businesses will learn insights from Arizona’s leading companies that are […]

Program Overview We know that recycling matters and while strides have been made with composting and recycling in the US and worldwide, both have major challenges. Composters are struggling to accommodate (and now banning) materials like bioplastic that add no nutrients to their output, our current system of sustainable waste management needs an overhaul. Landfills […]