Eco-Friendly Agriculture: Strategies for Sustainability in the Food Industry 

Available Now: Eco-Friendly Agriculture – Strategies for Sustainability in the Food Industry

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In this webinar, tailored for small business owners in the food industry, our expert panelists shared valuable insights and actionable tips on sustainable strategies, resource management, and innovative technologies. They discussed how eco-friendly agriculture practices can help reduce environmental impact, improve business operations, and promote a healthier ecosystem.

**Why Watch the Webinar?**

­čî▒ Discover eco-friendly agriculture practices for small businesses in the food industry
­čî▒ Learn actionable tips to reduce your business’s environmental footprint
­čî▒ Explore strategies to optimize your supply chain and access funding for sustainable practices
­čî▒ Gain insights into overcoming challenges and prioritizing cost-effective sustainability measures
­čî▒ Find out about available resources, tools, and initiatives for tracking and improving sustainability performance

**Introducing Our Expert Panelists:**

­čî┐ **Dr. Donna Jagielski** – Education Programs Manager, Arizona Sustainability Alliance

Dr. Jagielski is a STEM education trailblazer with expertise in sustainable practices and education. She bridges the gap between science and sustainability, advocating for equitable opportunities for underrepresented communities.

­čî┐ **Subash Yadav** – Founder and Head Chef, Mr. Momo

Subash Yadav, named Best New Chef by the Phoenix New Times, is passionate about offering healthy, flavorful, and affordable food options. Despite challenges, his resilience has made Mr. Momo a beloved presence in the Phoenix area.

­čî┐ **Maya Dailey** – Founder of Maya’s Farm

Maya Dailey, with a background in nursing and biology, brings a unique scientific perspective to sustainable farming. Her farm specializes in high-quality, CCOF Organically Certified produce, cultivated without pesticides or commercial fertilizers.

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