How Small Businesses Can Prepare for the Summer in Arizona

Program Overview

We have warm weather in Arizona, and it comes with substantial surges in our utility bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the nation’s small businesses spend more than $60 billion a year on energy. However, keeping your business cool during the summer months does not have to result in increasing your energy expenses. In this expert session, we discuss energy efficiency strategies and incentives to help small businesses prepare for the summer.

Our panelists include Renee H. Guillroy, PMP and Trevor Swanson, both are leaders in energy efficiency and sustainability experts at APS.

We will also discuss strategies and resources for small businesses available in the community.

Resources Shared in Webinar: 

APS Marketplace

Shop or compare energy-saving appliances for the home, as well as devices like smart thermostats, smart EV chargers, and LEDs.

Home Energy Checkups
Reserve in-person or virtual appointments to check your energy use at home.

Energy Savings Programs
More ways for residential customers to save energy.

APS Solutions for Business
Get help from trade allies or watch more energy webinars.

Business and Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs
Application page for the Solutions for Business and Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program
Information on the Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

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