September 29, 2021: Zero Waste Strategies Every Small Businesses Need to Know

Program Overview

We know that recycling matters and while strides have been made with composting and recycling in the US and worldwide, both have major challenges. Composters are struggling to accommodate (and now banning) materials like bioplastic that add no nutrients to their output, our current system of sustainable waste management needs an overhaul.

Landfills can only carry so much trash before affecting our environment. Electronic waste and single-use plastics are major contributors to filling up those landfills. While individuals do contribute, it is the companies that play the biggest role in the accumulation of waste. This expert session will cover waste management techniques to help you boost your business standing and get ahead of the curve.

Panelists include experts in zero waste. Panelists: JB Shaw, AZ Department of Environmental Quality, Orlando Cazarez, Carver Mountain Shop, Erica Uhl, Recycled City, Tom Waldeck, Keep Phoenix Beautiful. Guest presenter: Eric Macdonald, City of Phoenix Zero Waste