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We understand the enormous pressures that small business owners face today with COVID-19, and we want to help. The Going Green & Going Smart Program teaches small business owners how to save money on their electric bills by leveraging industry knowledge and sustainable business practices that contribute to a cleaner, greener community in Arizona.


Start your green journey.

Access our free on-demand certificate program that teaches step-by-step how to implement sustainable business practices through video lessons, downloadable materials, and knowledge checks.


Expand your learning.

This free program includes pre-recorded sessions with sustainability experts offering insights from other statewide sustainability programs and APS Solutions for Business rebate information.

Free Online Course

Learn about energy insights to help you build a plan and save!

Here is what you will learn:

Are you ready to take your small business to the next level? This program will help you build your sustainability goals and share energy savings insights while you learn at your pace.

  • What is sustainability? Learn about the 3 pillars of sustainability
  • Solutions to save money on your energy bill
  • Learn which sustainable practices make a difference over time
  • Learn how to create a sustainability plan for your small business
  • Learn how to conduct an energy audit & transform your small business
  • Learn how to create a green marketing plan to attract like-minded customers
  • Learn about APS rebates for small businesses
  • There are 5 modules, 27 lessons, access to online community and downloadable student workbook - Complete the course in 60 minutes!
  • Upon completion of the training, small business owners will receive a Going Green & Going Smart certificate to display at their businesses or on their websites.

Discover areas where your business can go green!

Energy Efficiency

As a business owner who is considering steps to make your business more energy efficient, you may already realize that there are many benefits to your business. Investing in the sustainability of your business is always a good idea. This program will help you discover all the benefits of energy efficiency to help your business and the environment.

Smart Energy Devices

Utilizing smart energy devices can make our lives easier, especially while you run your business. These technologies simplify many functions of our daily lives and work procedures to help you with your business’ energy management and maximize settings. This program will teach you about smart energy devices to help simplify many of your business functions along the way.

Water Conservation

Water is a limited resource. While 70 percent of the earth’s surface is water, only 2.5 percent of this water is fresh water. With growing population rates and such a small percentage of all the water on Earth fit for consumption, it only makes sense that we must preserve and conserve this precious resource. Every business uses water in different ways, this program will teach you how to make small changes that can help your business conserve water.

Zero Waste

Landfills can only carry so much trash before affecting our environment. Electronic waste and single-use plastics are major contributors to filling up those landfills. While individuals do contribute, it is the companies that play the biggest role in the accumulation of waste. This program will cover waste management techniques to help you boost your business standing and get ahead of the curve.

Industry Insights

Currently, consumers demand businesses to be “green” by operating in an environmentally friendly way. Implementing environmentally friendly processes and energy-efficient practices has numerous benefits at the center of many corporate social responsibility policies and marketing strategies. This program will help you learn how industry leaders are committing to sustainability and green practices.

Sustainability has reached a tipping point, and it is important to your consumers.


6 in 10

Consumers are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact.


7 in 10

Consumers would pay a premium of 35 percent, on average, for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible.


8 in 10

Consumers think sustainability is important for them.

Transform your small business! Start today.

This program is designed for small businesses owners and sustainability team leaders who operate from a brick-and-mortar location such as a restaurant, office, warehouse, or retail space and want to learn how to go green in Arizona.

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